About Us

What's With the Dinosaur?

Triceratops Brand Logic was founded by David Gaudet, whose first entrepreneurial pursuit was selling his dinosaur sketches from the back of Mrs Hall's Grade 1 class.  When she shut down his operation, he feigned illness, sketched at home, then taped sketches to the front window of his house, selling them to neighbourhood kids as they walked home from school.  He loved dinosaurs.  But that's not why this company is called Triceratops.  Instead, it's a metaphor for the 3 indispensable tenets of building and managing great brands.  The 3 C's.

3 C's of Brand

1. Competitive advantage:  Every successful brand does at least one thing better than all competitors.

2.  Contribution:  Every successful brand operates from a culture of caring.  

3. Communication:  Every successful brand has a compelling story, and tells it in a compelling way across and within ALL channels of communication.

What We Are NOT

If you are looking for a logo design, this is not your first stop.  We are neither a graphic design boutique nor an agency, which calls itself "marketing", but really just does graphic and word-smithing.  We appreciate the value of visual branding elements, but this is not our expertise.  If you need that, and only that, search up "logo design".  Or we can help you find someone, once we get to the "communication C", explained above.  But if you want to strategically build and manage your total brand...read on.